Canada Jetlines advances licensing process

In preparation for its first flight in 2019, Canada Jetlines, has cleared its first hurdle by successfully submitting operations manuals to Transport Canada to receive its Air Operator Certificate.

Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Canada Jetlines is a new ultra-low-cost carrier that plans to operate flights across Canada and non-stop service to the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean.

The airline plans to begin its operations using Airbus A320 aircraft. The A320’s fuel-efficient, narrow-body framework supports a high-density seat configuration, making it the most widely used aircraft for ultra-low-cost carriers worldwide.

Canada Jetlines will now focus on completing the second milestone that includes the amendment to its programs and completion of the contracts required for Airbus training.

The final milestone will be achieved through conducting interviews, hiring and the training of all staff to prepare for aircraft delivery in the second quarter of 2019.

The airline was granted a five-year Foreign Ownership Exemption Order from the Government of Canada, which permits it to conduct domestic air services while having up to 49 per cent foreign voting interests in the airline—an increase from 25 per cent that is otherwise permitted.

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