Taxi match for Munich Airport

Taking a taxi from Munich Airport into the city center is now less expensive because of an innovative collaboration between Lufthansa and a new taxi-sharing service.

With mytaximatch, passengers and travellers can share a taxi into the city center of Munich, with savings of up to 50 per cent.

Depending on the route and the traffic, the trip would normally cost up to EUR 90 (approximately $137 Canadian) or more.

With this new service, Lufthansa and mytaxi are offering all passengers an integrated mobility solution that makes the last leg of the journey easier and, above all, cheaper.

Initially, the new service, which began on September 19, will be bookable for a three-month test phase. Booking is done with the touch of a finger on the mytaxi app.

Before embarking on their journey, customers can choose the “match option” and enter their destination address. Mytaximatch then links two passengers who have a similar destination and makes it possible for them to travel together.

Each passenger may only have a maximum of two pieces of baggage so that the taxi ride isn’t too tight.

At the end of each person’s route, the app calculates their individual price. This will never exceed EUR 49 (approximately $75 Canadian), even if no suitable ride-sharer has been found. Even in the case of finding “no match”, passengers still benefit from the price guarantee.

The collaboration was initiated by mytaxi and the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH), the central digitalization unit of the Lufthansa Group. Since it also allows a digital and seamless connection to the diverse range of mobility options available on the ground, mytaximatch is proving to be an innovative addition to Munich Airport’s mobility portfolio.

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