Her Own Way: Canadian Government’s guide for women travellers

Her Own WayWhile women travel for many of the same reasons as men do, their social concerns, as well as their health and safety needs, are very different. For example, female travellers may be more directly affected by religious and societal beliefs in some countries.

What steps can women wayfarers take to avoid sexual harassment? How can they make their accommodations more secure? Where can they obtain consular assistance if they experience problems while abroad?

These and many other practical questions are addressed in a booklet published by the Government of Canada entitled Her Own Way: A Woman’s Safe-Travel Guide.

Available in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, Kindle and MOBI versions, Her Own Way offers a preventive, female-friendly approach to tackling the security, cultural, health and social concerns of women travellers.

A copy of the booklet may be downloaded from travel.gc.ca.