Jacob Bros. goes above & beyond for Sea Island’s Little Wings Daycare

These are challenging times and in times like these it is nice to reflect on stories of good things being done within the Sea Island airport community.

This edition, we are highlighting the Little Wings Daycare, a community project that was supported by YVR construction partner Jacob Bros. Construction

Jacob Bros. has been a partner on many major projects at YVR, more recently including aircraft parking for Remote Stand Operations, building South Runway End Safety Areas, Templeton Parking lots and jetSet YVR Parking, to name just a few projects.

In the words of Ray Zibrik of YVR Project Management (YVR PM): “YVRPM has an open and trusting relationship with Jacob Bros. and they have performed all works in an open and honest method; all work was completed safely, with top quality, on schedule and within budget.” 

The focus and success of Jacob Bros. Construction on major airport projects was certainly on full display for the management and Board of Directors at Little Wings Daycare when help was needed to find a new home. 

For Jacob Bros., it wasn’t about winning another project—it was about providing a good service for this small, Sea Island daycare facility.

Little Wings Daycare Centre Society has provided high quality and affordable licenced group childcare (ages six months to five years) on Sea Island since 1991. Many families of airport and airlines workers and other residents of Richmond have benefited from its dedicated team that nurtures and cares for children in the community.

In early 2018, Little Wings Daycare was advised that its land lease would not be renewed, which would necessitate finding a new home.  For this non-profit society, the ‘Little Wings Takes Flight’ relocation project and its associated costs appeared herculean.

The Little Wings team reached out to many individuals, city government, and the Sea Island community for help, many of which came forward to offer services, donations and in-kind contributions. In working with Vancouver Airport Authority, Little Wings was able to secure a new Sea Island location on which to build the new childcare facility.

While many other partners within the Sea Island construction community also stepped up to help with the build project, according to the Little Wings Board of Directors, Jacob Bros. Construction went above and beyond to ensure the outcome was a success in every way possible.

Jacob Bros. was an early contributor to relocation efforts, starting with the donation of fencing for a playground when Little Wings moved to a temporary operating location while the new facility was being built. Without that fencing, Little Wings would not have secured a childcare license to operate from the interim location, leaving several families without childcare.

Once construction of the new facility began, the entire Jacob Bros. construction team continued to work with Little Wings to help navigate unexpected construction challenges and costs to ensure the project made it to a successful completion—all from a desire to give back to the airport community in which it has been involved for so many years.

The result is a beautiful new facility that allows Little Wings staff to continue to provide high quality, affordable childcare for 49 families and ensure the children have a safe, engaging environment in which to play and learn each day. 

The staff and Board of Directors of Little Wings Daycare is grateful to the Sea Island community, the City of Richmond, the Province of BC, Vancouver Airport Authority and Jacob Bros. for generous and ongoing support in the construction of the new daycare facility.