Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrated at YVR Chapel

Chaplaincy asssociate, the Rev. Jim Krawchuk presents draw winner Audrey with a Mother's Day gift pack.

Chaplaincy associate, the Rev. Jim Krawchuk presents draw winner Audrey with a Mother’s Day gift pack.

The YVR Chapel has been sponsoring fun contests, which encourage interaction with visitors to the Chapel, airport employees and Greencoats who circulate throughout the terminals.

Last month, in celebration of Mother’s Day, the YVR community was asked a pertinent question “What do you most appreciate about your mother?”

According to Chaplain Dennis Kirkley, many people responded immediately, but others needed time to ponder. As expected, the answers were varied and inspiring.

Here are the top 10 responses (as chosen by the Chapel’s volunteers):

1. She’s EVERYTHING—the best woman alive!

2. Her dedication and hard work, and her sense of humour.

3. She always listened to me.

4. She’s the best cook on the planet!

5. Guiding me in the right direction.

6. She raised us in love…. she was there for me 24/7!

7. She’s my mother and father, my “muddy”.

8. Her sheer optimism and her humble servant attitude.

9. Her baby-sitting and grand-mothering skills!

10. She gave everything without waiting for anything.

The names of all the participants who answered the question were included in a draw for prizes of body lotion gift packs.

Father’s Day shootout at the Chapel

This month, in celebration of Father’s Day, men will have to earn the right to enter the prize draw. For the week of Father’s Day, Monday June 9 to Friday June 13, 2014, employees are invited to visit the Chapel to show their basketball skills. Those who achieve three out of five hoops will have their names entered into this month’s prize draw.

“Go for it guys!” exclaimed Chaplain Dennis Kirkley.

The draw will take place on Friday, June 13 at 5pm.

New Chapel website

You are invited to visit the new and updated Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy website at This is a great opportunity to learn about the support and services offered by the Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy. The chaplaincy website can also be found at under “Navigating YVR”.

Chaplain Kirkley encourages everyone to visit the Chapel and give comments and insights.

YVR Chapel is located at Internationals Arrivals, Level 2, across from Tim Horton’s and beside Hudson News. Telephone: (604) 303-3010.