NAV Canada wins Global Safety Achievement Award

Photo courtesy NAV Canada.

CANSO, the global voice of the air traffic management (ATM) industry, named NAV Canada its Global Safety Achievement Award 2023 recipient at the November 28 CANSO Global Safety Achievement Conference 2023 Gala Dinner in Dublin, Ireland.

The award recognizes individuals, teams, or companies contributing significantly to aviation safety over the previous 12 months.

The award went to the Fatigue Risk Management Application Development Team at NAV Canada.

The NAV Canada Fatigue Risk Management PowerBi App integrates three reports—Fatigue Risk, Fatigue Limit Exceedance, and Fatigue Review—to support the organization’s Fatigue Risk Management System

This leading-edge, innovative app allows NAV Canada to manage fatigue proactively and monitor fatigue limit exceedance for more than 2,000 operational employees over five time zones at more than 100 units. It also supports investigations into safety events where fatigue may be a contributing factor. This data-driven approach provides better information to internal stakeholders, including unions, to collaboratively identify ways to reduce risk.