Canadians are prioritizing ways to manage risk while travelling

After several years of missing out on travel, Canadians look forward to travelling again, according to a new study from Blue Cross Canada.

The 2023 Blue Cross Travel Study reveals nine in 10 Canadians want to take a vacation in 2023 and are taking steps to achieve greater peace of mind and reduce their stress while on a trip.

Travel motivations, challenges and solutions

According to the study, the top reasons for wanting to travel are good weather (44%), making new memories with loved ones (36%) and discovering new places or trying new things (34%).

However, the study shows that most Canadians (89%) experience some form of stress while travelling, and sadly, 40 per cent said that travel stressors prevent them from taking a trip.

Unfortunately, many Canadians (58%) have experienced travel-related issues, including an airline cancelling or changing flights (24%), lost baggage (20%), damaged baggage (16%) or needing medical attention (13%). These issues mirror the top sources of travel-related stress.

As a result, most Canadians aren’t willing to take a chance and are actively seeking ways to minimize risk, which includes purchasing travel insurance. Forty-two per cent of Canadian travellers say they are more likely to buy travel insurance when planning a trip now than in the past. More than one-third (38%) report that the top reason for buying travel insurance is being able to travel worry-free.

Canadians are chasing blue skies in 2023

When it comes to travel, Canadians prefer to plan. Only nine per cent book their trips at the last minute (less than a week ahead). Most Canadians (89%) have at least one habit when planning a trip, including researching to find vacation deals or packages (44%), doing extensive research on the destination (37%), or creating a checklist of things to do at the destination (34%).

Travel insurance has become an increasingly important part of the planning process, as 58 per cent of Canadians agree they would never consider leaving their province without it. Canadians still look to escape the frigid winter temperatures, and good weather is the top factor when choosing their vacation destination (55%).

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