YVR’s digital twin makes the news

As YVR continues to evaluate and optimize its operations, it’s no surprise that teams across its organization have big goals coming into 2022, which certainly includes all who touch YVR’s digital twin.

A digital twin is a virtual clone of a real-life object, acting and reacting in virtual space the same way its physical counterpart does. For example, this technology would allow an airport manager to see what is occurring at any one of YVR’s 17 gates and even access localized audio without being at that gate.

As YVR continues to unlock and implement the true potential of this new technology, it is celebrating the little wins along the way, including an article recently published in WIRED magazine.

The article mentions YVR’s adoption of digital twin technology in partnership with software development company Unity Technologies, which leveraged its gaming technology to build the airport’s immersive, real-time digital twin.

As YVR progresses towards launching its digital twin story globally, it is pleasing to see its partners gaining recognition for a shared vision of leveraging data and technology to better the airport’s operations and serve the community and economy that supports it.

Stay tuned—YVR will reveal more information on its digital twin technology in 2022!