Survey shows YVR remains Top Brand in B.C. region

The results of YVR’s 2021 Brand & Community Survey are now available. They reflect positively on the organization’s work to maintain its good standing with the community during a pandemic in which travel and aviation have not always fared well in the court of public opinion.

These results are a testament to the work done by the entire YVR team and its partners across Sea Island to keep the overall impression and positive attitudes associated with the airport so incredibly high.

According to the survey’s results, YVR still ranks at the top in terms of overall favourable impression compared to other well-known regional brands—Telus, University of British Columbia, BC Hydro—with 72 percent of people having either a favourable or very favourable impression of YVR.

Congratulations, YVR, for being deemed a credible and trustworthy organization and a source of pride for British Columbians.