‘No jab, no fly’ on Air New Zealand for international travellers

From Feb. 1, 2022, Air New Zealand will require customers travelling anywhere on its international network to be fully vaccinated.

This traveller vaccination requirement will sit alongside the measures the airline already has in place to keep New Zealand safe, including its own staff being vaccinated.

Air New Zealand’s vaccination requirement will apply to all passengers aged 18 and older arriving or departing Aotearoa on an Air New Zealand aircraft. Customers who are not vaccinated will be required to present proof that vaccination was not a viable option for them for medical reasons.

Using Timatic, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass will check customers’ health information against flight details to ensure they are meeting entry requirements for that destination, and the airline.

The IATA Travel Pass app is based on decentralized technology, which means there is no central database holding passenger information. Passengers have complete discretion as to whether they share their data or not and they can delete their data at any time on the app, without fear of this being stored.

For information on Air New Zealand’s flights from YVR, visit airnewzealand.ca.