Feedback needed from YVR’s planespotting community

YVR’s unique, community-based operating model is an essential part of its commitment to create an airport of which British Columbians can be proud.

As a not-for-profit organization, YVR reinvests all profits back into improving the airport, providing connections to routes and supporting the people and organizations that make its Sea Island community so special.

During the consultation process of its 20-year Master Plan (YVR 2037), YVR received feedback from its planespotting community that included the suggestion that a new planespotting platform be considered. YVR’s Master Plan now includes the recommendation that a platform be built for the North Runway in the future.

While there are no immediate plans to build a new planespotting platform, a survey is being circulated by YVR to identify the preferences of the YVR planespotting community, the details of which will be considered in the airport’s future planning efforts.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at