YVR partners with PADS

Sponsored by YVR, these three Golden Retriever puppies will be trained to be fully certified assistance dogs .

As part of a new partnership with Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS), YVR recently sponsored a litter of Golden Retrievers and put out a call on social media for YVR-themed puppy name suggestions for the three adorable puppies.

The PADS organization breeds, raises and trains certified assistance dogs, partnering them with people living with disabilities. These life-changing companions are specially trained to aid people living with physical or hearing impairments.

Golden Retrievers possess a friendly, gentle temperament and their ranking as one of the brightest breeds for obedience-command trainability make them a popular choice as disability assistance dogs.

YVR is proud to support causes that promote inclusivity, universal design and access to opportunity, and through this partnership with PADS will help change lives—one dog at a time.

The winning names chosen for the YVR-sponsored Golden Retrievers?

Amelia, Wilbur and Orville—in reference to well-known historical figures that were pioneers of aviation.

For more information about the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society, which is more than 90 per cent volunteer-driven, visit pads.ca.