B.C. resource industry supported by YVR

Air service through YVR supports Canada’s resource industry by offering a larger pool from which to hire skilled employees.

Without air connections, businesses in the North would find it difficult to attract skilled people like Mike Tedeschi, a mining consultant who regularly commutes from Vancouver to northern-B.C. mines.

With the Mining Association of B.C. forecasting that it will need almost 17,000 more workers in the next 10 years, efficient air travel through YVR is even more efficient.

It’s why Vancouver Airport Authority president and CEO Craig Richmond recently called for more funding for security screening.

“We need the government to provide more funding, not less, in order to keep its promise and continue investing in this essential service, especially to keep up with our expected growth,” said Richmond at a recent Vancouver Board of Trade event. “While south-of-the-border airports like Bellingham and SEATAC can sometimes beat us on price, they can’t beat us on service. So fast and efficient CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) screening is a very important competitive issue for us.”