Russ Baker Way 2013 Repaving Project

Starting mid-July 2013, Vancouver Airport Authority will begin repaving Russ Baker Way, between Miller Road and the North end of the No. 2 Road Bridge in Richmond. Expected to take between 10 and 12 weeks to complete, this project will require both daytime and nighttime north- and south-bound lane closures and reduced vehicle speed limits, which will impact traffic and cause some delays.

During the repaving, Russ Baker Way’s north- and south-bound cycling lanes will not be available, and cyclists are encouraged to find alternate routes.

Wherever possible, work will be performed at night for reduced impact to traffic. To ensure the project is completed as safely and quickly as possible, lanes will remain open at all times, as follows:

·         A minimum of two lanes will operate in each direction during the day (between 6am and 8pm)

·         A minimum of one lane will operate in each direction at night (between 8pm and 6am)

Russ Baker Way is a major artery for motor vehicle traffic and cyclists. Once complete in early fall 2013, the repaved road will offer safer and more reliable access to and from YVR, Richmond and Vancouver for neighbouring residents, local businesses, travellers and commuters.