2018 Best Classic Tour to Italy

After hosting two successful Best Classic Tours to Britain, we are pleased to announce the 2018 Tour, which will visit Italy from September 7 – 17.

Together with airline partner KLM, Italian-based tour company Eve Lab ‎Travel and Expedia CruiseShip Center Maple Ridge, the itinerary (click on link below) promises to deliver Italy’s finest Motor Valley experiences, while enjoying legendary Italian cuisine and wine.

The tour takes off from Vancouver on KLM’s extraordinary new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a revolutionary aircraft with a focus on cabin comfort on long-haul routes.

The automotive itinerary is carefully balanced with sightseeing travel in Northern Italy’s beautiful Tuscany region, with our final destination in Forte dei Marmi on the Tuscany Riviera.

We have been fortunate on past tours to have hosted an enthusiastic, fun-going group of ‎ enthusiasts and we invite you to review the itinerary (click on link below) and contact us prior to the May booking deadline.

The tour is limited to maximum of 33 guests, so please book early or contact us if you have any questions.

 Distinti saluti,

Patrick & Joan Stewart, Tour hosts (pstewart@westerndriver.com)

Trevor Sandwell, Tour director (tsandwell@cruiseshipcenters.com); Tel: 604-380-0820; Toll-Free 1-888-787-7443; Fax: 604-380-0822

2018 Best Classic Italy Tour Itinerary

2018 Best Classic Italy Tour Booking Form